Into May

Llewellyn, MacMillan, Penguin

Currently working on the finish illustrations for the next ‘Who Was’ book, this one on the Reconstruction (above is a sample portrait from this collection of eighty illustrations). Meanwhile awaiting the manuscript for the next ‘who was’ book (on the Roswell incident), and another book for MacMillan on the McCarthy Witch Hunts of the fifties. Last week, I completed a few interior illustrations for a book for Llewellyn (pictured below), and I’m trying to juggle all this with a trip to Italy next week.

Martin Luther King Day

MacMillan, Penguin

Here’s a few samples from recent books that have featured Martin Luther King on this National Holiday. (the black and white ones are from “What Is the Civil Rights Movement?”, and the red white and blue ones are excerpts from “What Unites Us: The Graphic Novel” by Dan Rather.

Who Was Series #24 & #25


Over the past few weeks, I’ve been sharing a trio of samples from each of the 25 ‘Who Was’ books that I’ve been involved with over the past ten years. This past month, I completed the 24th & 25th of these books, “What Was The AIDS Crisis?” and “Who Is Jimmy Carter?” Here are a few samples from each of these books. It is too early yet for me to post all the illustrations, but stay tuned, as I’ll likely be posting a few posts of this type in the coming year. Here’s the links to each of the books to pre-order on Amazon: (AIDS Crisis – Jimmy Carter). I just received word this morning asking about my availability for my 26th title which I will be working on early next year.

Every time I find myself drawing a picture of Richard Nixon, (and the opportunity has come up on several occasions, oddly enough), I am reminded how this was my ambition when I was ten years old, watching the Watergate hearings, and reading the editorial cartoons, and dreaming of one day having a job where I got to draw Richard Nixon. Living the dream.