Cover Illustration

Delaware Today, Today Media

A little different style for me, emulating those traditional ‘travel’ posters with the posterized colors. This is for Delaware Today magazine, and I may be doing another version tomorrow to include an additional idea by the editors. A fun change of pace.

Portrait Sketch & Surplus Biden Portrait

Delaware Today, Uncle Goose Toys

Rough sketch for a Delaware Today portrait that came in over the weekend. I’ve got a bit of time on this one (not due until 2021), but other than a few other assignments, and some book projects ‘on hold’ until an unspecified time in the future, there’s not much else going on at the moment, so got the sketch done early.

A couple weeks back, I did a woodcut Biden portrait, in the style of a series of presidential portraits for a set of President Wooden Blocks that I had done for Uncle Goose Toys many years ago. (They have contacted me over the past two elections for ‘updates’ of both the incumbent and the challenger, “Just In Case”). Turns out the President Blocks have been discontinued due to poor sales, so my Biden portrait wasn’t necessary. But that’s ok, it will be put to work in my Zazzle store, like the rest of the presidents from this series. Surprisingly enough, I sell a fair amount of merchandise of even the most obscure presidents in the series. Who would’ve guessed?

Trending Hopeful

AHMM, Delaware Today, Today Media

As October slowly creeps towards its end, heading into November, with all the chaos and confusion expected over the elections and the third spike in the virus, I have begun to dare to be hopeful despite it all. One of my regular customers this past year have begun to send a bit more work my way in recent weeks (Delaware Today, with the ‘media overload’ illustration pictured above), and a few more assignments from older clients have started picking up a bit as well. A few book projects are on the horizon, and I find myself keeping a bit more busy these days.

I’m especially excited about one upcoming assignment. After 30 years of doing interior illustrations for Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine, I was contacted about doing my first cover assignment. Below is my first rough sketch.

Portrait Assignment

Delaware Today, Today Media

Finished up another assignment for Delaware Today, a portrait of Senator Chris Coons. I enjoy doing portraits probably more than an any other type of work. There’s something I find endlessly fascinating about the human face, and would be perfectly content to spend my days doing nothing else.