Tiny Spots

Metro Creative Graphics, Oxendine

The above color spots were for a southern college lifestyle magazine who I had been providing small ‘factoid’ spots for several years. The previous year being the first full year working digitally I had experimented with a number of different styles, but eventually settled on this cartoon style as being best suited to the budget and timeframe (much to the chagrin of the designer who preferred all the wild experiments I had been doing all the previous year).

The two spots below were the last assignment I had for a clip art firm who I had been working with for many years (pre-digital). There were very few assignments since I made the changeover, and had begun to slow down in frequency even before that, and after this one, dried up altogether.

March Funnies

Gemini Publications, Interpreter, Metro Creative Graphics

The above ‘paperboy’ illustration was for Metro Creative Graphics, a clip art firm that I had been doing a lot of work for over the past 5 years. I only did a couple illustrations for this client after switching over to working digitally, not sure why, as I thought the pieces after the change were looking a lot better than those before, and were easier to deliver to the client. Perhaps there were just some changes going on in the company I was unaware of. One of the unfortunate things about working for this company in the ‘pre digital’ days, was the fact that this client never returned original art, and I have a lot of work that I did for them that I have little or no memory of doing, and didn’t keep copies for myself or my records of any of the work that I did over the years. Every once in a while I’ll see what looks like one of my illustrations on a flyer or brochure, but I’ll have no memory of drawing it, or cannot even be certain that it IS one of my illustrations.

The illustration above was for Interpretor magazine, as was the image below.

I also had a few black and white cartoons for Gemini Publications (Grand Rapids Magazine), both for their ‘parenting’ publication.

Metro Creative Graphics – Clip Art Client

Metro Creative Graphics

In November of 1992, I had my first assignment from a New York Clip Art Firm, Metro Creative Graphics. This would remain a fairly steady client of mine through 1999. I don’t think any of the artwork I did for them was returned to me, and since nearly all of it was done ‘pre-digital’, I have little or no memory of most of the jobs that I did for this company. I would find myself occasionally running across familiar looking ‘clip art’ from time to time on flyers or in newspaper ads, but I could never quite be sure that it was something I did or not. A handful of samples survive from the last few jobs that I did for them, once I had gone ‘digital’ in the late 90s, but most of it has completely faded into obscurity (a rough estimate of approximately 250 illustrations over about 8 years).