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This summer I had a rather large labor intensive project for a local religious publisher. A series of 20 ‘bible story’ posters, measuring 18 x 24 each. These were quite similar to projects I’ve been doing for another local organization, but the style was slightly different, these being for a different audience (most of the other ‘bible story’ projects I’ve been doing have been for mentally handicapped adults, and the client requested that the images be kept ‘simple’ so as not to confuse). I still did these in a semi-cartoon style, mainly for expediency’s sake, though I got a bit more detailed than I usually do, and allowed a few of the crowd scenes to get quite busy. Some of these turned out better than others, overall, looking back at them, I wish I’d made use of more large solid black areas to help with the overall contrast.

I had a little subversive fun with these early images, including some ‘less than desirable’ animals in the ‘adam and eve’ illustration; a warthog, a skunk, a coral snake, a gorilla (I wonder, did skunks stink in the garden of eden?), and a pair of walruses in the Noah’s Ark picture (they must’ve been interesting to gather), but pretty much played it straight for the rest of them.

These two illustrations above and below could have definitely benefited from more solid blacks in the layout, they both seem a bit flat and washed out.

more to come in ‘bible posters part two’…

Bible Posters Part Two

Christian Schools International

(continuted from ‘bible posters part one’)
The above ‘Moses’ illustration was one of the better images to come out of this collection of posters. Definitely a Charlton Heston influence on the design of this one. The other three old testament images that follow were less successful, I thought. Joseph’s anatomy looks a little off, the lions look positively bored with Daniel, and the Goliath picture probably would have worked better with a different perspective (behind David perhaps looking up at the giant).

to be continued in ‘bible posters part three’

Bible Posters Part Three

Christian Schools International

(continued from ‘bible posters part two’)
Most of these next four posters I was less than pleased with. I used too much purple in the ‘wise men’ illustration, the anatomy is a little goofy in the ‘nativity scene’, and the layouts are a little dull and lifeless in the following two scenes.

continued in ‘bible posters part four’

Bible Posters Part Four

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(continued from ‘bible posters part three’)
I started getting into a groove near the end of the series, and they started looking a bit more interesting. I started populating some of them a bit more heavily, which made a bit more work, but also helped keep things interesting, and less tedious.

This one above and the one below were the most heavily populated illustrations in the bunch, and I managed to hide myself in among the crowd in the ‘loaves and fishes’ illustration above (wearing a red and blue striped tunic). The hardest part about the ‘palm sunday’ illustration was in drawing all the palm fronds (which I eventually cheated at and did a lot of copy and pasting).

continued and concluded in ‘bible stories part five’

Bible Posters Part Five

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I was less happy with these last four illustrations. I suppose I was starting to get a little weary of ‘guys in robes’ (although this wouldn’t be the last of them, not by a long shot). I wish I could figure out what made some of these twenty illustrations a joy to work on and others just a chore. I like to be able to turn it on and off like a faucet if I could.