Xmas Week

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Just drawing for fun this week. Here’s an Ed “Big Daddy” Roth inspired cartoon, of myself driving my first car, the 76 Chevy Vega. Not nearly as bad-ass as portrayed here, the car eventually decomposed into a pile of rust just before I sold it to an unsuspecting victim in the early eighties.

Impending Milestone

personal, self portrait

A friend of mine from California has been taking up drawing again after a long hiatus, doing a great deal of self portraiture. As my 60th birthday approaches next month, I have been a bit more introspective these past few months, and was inspired today to do a self portrait. I should really have started doing something like this back when I first started my career, much like Rembrandt meticulously chronicled his own aging throughout his life, but oh well, better late than never. Here I am on the cusp of 3 score years, in as unflattering a manner as I could muster. I shall endeavor to do another next year.


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Noticed this ‘internet anniversary’ thing going around instagram this morning, and after a little research, it looks like it’s been going on for many a year. As usual, very late to this party, but thought I’d put together one for this year, and do the obligatory ‘social media’ posts. Haven’t done a recent photo in years, and, yep, looking a bit older.

Jukejoint Handmedowns – Call of the Wild

Jukejoint Handmedowns, music, self portrait

JJHDCotWcover1After working on this album now since spring (and the planning for it has stretched back over the two years since our last release), the new Jukejoint Handmedowns album is nearly ready to go to the manufacturers. We’ve got one more song to record this week, and a few tweaks to a few other tunes, and we’ve still got to shoot a band photo for the interior (the one that is shown is a place holder for now). I’m hoping to place the order for the first batch the day after Labor Day, with a lot of production work to finish up over the weekend. This is our fourth album, and the songs are all about our home state of Michigan, covering various topics from notorious tourist traps to urban legends to the growth of the craft beer movement, the decline of the auto industry, the state’s generous bottle return policy to its natural wonders (and several famous and not so famous local ‘characters’ round out the mix). Above, you can see the exterior CD cover, and below is the interior, featuring a cartoon map that pays homage to every one of the songs in one way or another. Further down, is the artwork for the CD itself, and two sides of a trifold ‘lyric booklet’ that will be inserted opposite the CD.

As always, like our previous albums, these will be available at our live shows, on iTunes, CDBaby, Amazon and other online music outlets.





JJHDCofWlyric2Also, in conjunction with the CD release, we’ll be printing up some new tee shirt designs, which is pictured below (likely these will be offered on grey shirts with blue ink).




Michigan Album

Jukejoint Handmedowns, music, self portrait

webusagecoverAlmost finished with the ‘car coloring book’ project for Dover, and in the afternoons, have been working on the interior art for my band’s new CD. This is an album of ‘Michigan themed’ songs, so I did a map featuring cartoon images from each of the songs that we’ve recorded, plus place names that have been mentioned in various songs. A lot of work went into it, but it will likely be so tiny on the CD jacket that a lot of the details will get lost. (a good excuse to cut a vinyl of this album just so we can showcase the artwork in a larger format)