New Overseas Client

Barrons, Far East Economic Review, Newsday, Retail Traffic

During the middle and last half of August, we were taking a few short family vacations, with breaks in-between for work assignments, in the midst of which I was starting to get a few phone calls from newer clients, thanks to a postcard I had sent out the month earlier. I’d had a few overseas clients contact me from time to time, but it was usually a rarity. I’d done a few assignments for a client in New Zealand a few months before, but this newest client that I heard from initially during this time was the furthest geographically that I’d ever worked for. The Far Eastern Economic Review, a magazine out of Hong Kong, and this was probably not as a result of the postcard, as this client was affiliated with the Wall Street Journal, and was probably a referral, or perhaps they saw my work in that newspaper from time to time. The first two assignments were a portrait assignment (pictured left), and a piece on a chinese railroad line somewhere in the himilayas (pictured below). I was pretty pleased with how both of them turned out, and working with this client was a breeze, and it would turn out to be a nice source of repeat business over the coming year. The assignments have been consistently interesting and challenging, and have given me lots of opportunities to work on my portraiture skills.

Another newer client around this time (although I don’t think this was the first time working for them) was Barrons, also affiliated with the Wall Street Journal. This assignment actually arrived while we were on vacation, staying in hotels at night, and this was one of the earliest instances of working on a smaller Wacom tablet and laptop computer while away from my office (something I am hoping to do a lot more of in the future). This piece had something to do with a well known brokerage firm, playing with the idea of a ‘deer caught in the headlights’. I experimented a bit with some different techniques, and I was quite pleased with the end result (not sure if it actually ended up being printed in color though).

I also had a piece around this time for a new client, Retail Traffic magazine, to accompany an article about stagnant strip malls.

Another piece around this time was a same day black and white assignment from Newsday. I don’t remember the subject of the illustration, but I do remember it had something to do with a local political candidate and how their ‘race’ was shaping up.