November Cartoons

Briar Patch Music, Gemini Publications

The ‘swing dance’ illustration to the left was for Gemini Publications (Grand Rapids Magazine). A bit more stylized and freeflowing than my usual dumpy cartoon characters. I was quite pleased with the simple design on this one.

Less successful was another experiment in combining the cartoon style with a ‘collage’ of credit card images lifted from the internet. The cards were too low in resolution to look good and sort of clashed with the style of the ‘tree stand’ below. This was another piece for the same client in November. (pictured right below)

I also had a trio of small black and white line cartoons for the same client this month, probably for the ‘parenting’ publication (since they tended to have a smaller operating budget and frequently put out issues in black and white, except for the cover). One was on ‘holiday travel’, another dealt with gifted children and another was on ‘investigating employee benefits’.

Also this month I was contacted by a new local client. A christian music publisher wanted me to draw a caricature of one of their artists for a newsletter. This was one of those ‘big head’ caricatures that I always feel a bit awkward drawing (they never look right to me somehow), but this one turned out better than most.