July Scratching

Legal Times, Newsday, Sign of the Times, WSJ

One of my better ‘bull’ concepts for my national newspaper client is pictured above. And one of the goofier ones is pictured to the left. Not sure what the slant of each of these stories was, but I’m guessing that the ‘bull market’ isn’t quite in full swing just yet.

For the same client, below, I had my usual weekly ‘health care’ spot. The topics this month were: ‘baby helmets’, ‘birth control’, ‘breath strips’ and something to do with ‘driving around in cars’ (I don’t remember this one at all).
I had a ‘same day’ illustration for one of my east coast newspaper clients, a black and white scratchboard editorial piece about the Iraq war.

Another black and white piece this month, was for a christian publication, to accompany a story about a reunion between a son and an estranged father and his new wife.

Below that one, is a color scratchboard piece for an east coast legal newspaper. I don’t quite remember the slant of this story, perhaps about immigration rulings?

Color Scratchboard Work For February

AG Edwards, Newsday, Sign of the Times

I had my first assignment from a new corporate client this month for their investor newsletter. Not my first actual assignment (that was last month), but the first of these quarterly newsletters that would become steady work for the next 5 years or so. These were usually quite similar to each other, and it is always a challenge trying to find a new conceptual angle on the same topics. The first is usually a ‘forecast’ type story (what to expect in the coming quarter for your investment dollars), then there would be articles about ‘estate planning’, different investment options, investment tools, etc that would need smaller spot illustrations.

I’ve had a lot of interesting illustrations come out of this client over the years, but the nature of the usage agreement only allows me to post them here after five years have passed. I’ll be posting more of these in the future as the time window expires.

I also had an assignment in February from my east coast newspaper client, something for the lifestyle section about ‘online gardening sites’. Once again the old Apple G-3 makes an appearance. (pictured below)

I also had a great deal of work for the ongoing ‘bible stories’ project that I’ve been working on for a local religious organization. I’m not bothering to post those illustrations quite yet, but may go through and pick out some good samples to post at a later date.

I also had an assignment from a client that I hadn’t heard from in quite a while, a midwest special interest magazine. This one was dealing with ‘grief counseling groups’.

Newspaper Clippings

ChronicleHE, Legal Times, National Business Employment Weekly, Sign of the Times, Writers Digest

Most of the black and white scratchboard work around this time was for newspapers, usually with a short deadline. Bill, Ken Starr and Monica were in the news a lot this month, and I had my share of editorial work along that line. The illustration above and the two below were all for Legal Times.

The illustration to the left was for the Chronicle of Higher Education, and dealt with choices of career paths to follow for professors, with regards to salary or tenure. The illustration below was for National Business Employment Weekly and had something to do with job interviews.

I also had the occasional odd magazine illustration. This street scene to the left was for Writer’s Digest, and the one below was for Sign of the Times magazine (Pacific Press).