award, MacMillan

Received notification of a couple of Junior Library Guild awards for a pair of books I did for MacMillan a couple years ago. Congrats to Erik Slader and Ben Thompson and the good folks down at MacMillan Children’s Publishing who put together such a nice looking package. My name spelled wrong, but, well, I’m sure my brother appreciates the publicity.

Feeling Like a Pro

Artist Magazine, award, personal, self portrait

I forget how this appearance in an ‘Artist how-to’ magazine came about. Perhaps there was a ‘call for entries’ that I sent some samples to, or perhaps the magazine saw the portrait on the cover of one of my early mailers. Anyhow, while this didn’t pay much (if it paid anything – I dont’ have a record of any income from it), it did give me a boost of confidence when it was really needed. Here I was being used as an example of ‘pastel portrait art’ (and on the opening page of the article, no less). A funny thing happened a year or so later, I was at a party at the neighbor’s house and started talking to this one woman who it turns out was a ‘fellow grand rapids artist’, and who not only recognized me and my name from the portrait in this magazine article, but whose art appeared on the next page in the same article (a portrait of her husband). (cue ‘it’s a small world after all’)