Mid-July Work

Cruising World, LA Weekly, Miami Herald, Newsday, WSJ

Heard from an old client this week that I haven’t had a chance to work for since early this year (their art director and my ‘usual contact’ was given ‘early retirement’ in January), Newsday, the Long Island Newspaper. This illustration assignment was for a sunday section cover to accompany an article about Alzheimer’s patients. I took advantage of my Dad staying with us this week, to use him as a model for one of the characters (my wife stood in for another one, and the other two were from other sources). I was quite pleased with how this one turned out, both from an illustrative, and from a conceptual standpoint.

The previous week, I had an assignment from a new client, Cruising World Magazine. I was tickled to get this one, being a sailing enthusiast myself, but also a bit nervous about how much attention to technical detail it would ensue. I was given lots of handy reference to the boat in question, however, the angle at which I chose to draw this boat, was the one angle not covered in the reference photos, so I had to do a bit of guessing and camoflage at the same time.

Had another assignment for LA Weekly this week. This was a book review for a murder mystery set in the Hollywood hills, and I had a bit of fun with this one. Originally, I was going to use the ‘hollywood sign’ with a single woman’s pump in the grass, but after sketching out the undulating letters on the hillside, I felt that a reclining woman’s figure would fit there better. One of those rare occasions where I did the figure without any photo reference.

The above ‘three panel’ assignment was for the Wall Street Journal this week, something to do with possible economic scenarios that could play out in the near future. The illustration below was a full page assignment for the Miami Herald that I did sometime in the middle of last week, something about credit card debt. Of the two sketches I submitted for this concept, I actually preferred the one that didn’t get chosen, and may finish that one up on my own when I get some free time.

Best of the West Award

LA Weekly

Got word today from one of my clients on the west coast that an illustration I had done for LA Weekly last fall won a first place award for illustration in something called the ‘Best of the West’ contest. (link here to read more about it). Certainly made my day.

A West Coast Cover Assignment

LA Weekly

I started this blog right around this time, and it was with this illustration that I was inspired to start sharing all or most of my work, as a way of tracing the evolution of my career, and also to use this as a broader ‘portfolio’ to share examples of my work.

This assignment was for a new client, LA Weekly, who called me due to seeing my ‘santa postcard’ the previous year. This was for a story about a true life ‘murder mystery’ but without a ‘body’, and I was provided with photo reference of the two detectives involved. The original illustration is above, and below is how it appeared in print. I was at first a little taken aback by how garish the colors looked, but it is growing on me.