CD Cover

Raspberry Records

Last month (or it might have been back in July) I had a CD cover assignment from a musician on the west coast who I had done a cover for once before several years ago. I wanted to wait and post the samples until I was sure the cd was out. Last weekend, I had the good fortune to hook up with this client at their summer place in Douglas and receive a few copies of the finished product and share a few glasses of lime-ade. One of the few times I’ve actually met a client face to face (I can count the times over the past twenty years on the fingers of one hand). Below and to the left and right are a few of the ‘additional pieces’ for this project, the illustration above being the ‘main image’, and the others used in more of a ‘supporting role’ in the design.

The music is a nice laid back blues/folk/protest mix and can be purchased online here.

The past month has been pretty busy, but the projects are of an ongoing nature, and I probably won’t have new samples to post for a few weeks until after the dust has cleared.

Spring Break

ABA, Barrons, music, Raspberry Records, WSJ

Over spring break, we took a trip out to Arizona to check up on my Dad and do a little disc golfin’. We brought the wife’s laptop and my wacom tablet and I did a few projects in the early mornings and late evenings (my clock never quite got reset from Michigan time, and I was waking regularly with the sun at 6AM). The illustration above was one I did for Barrons this week. Below is an illustration for the Classroom Edition of the Wall Street Journal that I did prelim sketches for before we left last week, then revised in Arizona and completed the finish over the weekend.

The biggest project of the week, was the cover illustration above for the American Bar Association. I was a bit nervous tackling this one while ‘away from the office’, as this was a ‘bigger’ image, and the screen size on my wife’s laptop is a bit smaller than I’m used to. I was also a bit leery of working in color on an unfamiliar machine, but everything seems to be alright (maybe a little darker in tone than usual).

Also, during the week, I worked a bit on an interesting side project. I’d been asked to design a ‘commemorative golf disc’ for a local park restoration project. I did the sketch in Arizona, and will probably be working on the finish over the next week or so. Will be exciting to see how this turns out. (will post details later as this develops). In other news; The author of ‘Young Dick Cheney’ put together a little promo video that he uploaded on YouTube which features many of the illustrations from the book (can be viewed here), and I was informed of a promo link to the game that I illustrated a couple months ago – where you can view pictures of the game board and box mock-up (link here)

A bit of bad news when we returned home last night. We found our little grey cat Ripley had died sometime in the past two days. Ripley was a favorite subject of mine whenever I had to include a ‘cat’ in the picture over the past ten years. (below she can be seen on a CD cover I illustrated several years ago) – She was a good companion and the last of my son’s ‘childhood pets’ and she will be missed.