Pride and Purgatory (From Good to Mediocre to ‘Lord Help Us’)

America, Disciple Magazine, Legal Times, Mutual Fund Magazine, Newsday, WSJ

This month for color scratchboards was a mixed bag. I had an assignment for a new magazine client that I really wanted to impress (it never led to another job), but it ended up being one of my best Bush likenesses that I did during the entire presidency. I also had a nice color assignment from my national newspaper client regarding the upcoming greek olympic games which also turned out to be one of my better efforts of the year (pictured below). Nice design, layout & colors, and I thought it was a nice mix of the serious side of scratchboard, with a few lighthearted touches here and there reminiscent of my cartoon work.

For an east coast legal newspaper, I had the above parody of the famous ‘signing of the constitution’ painting dealing with the ‘patients bill of rights’ currently under discussion in congress. I had my doubts about this one while working on it, but it ended up turning out not half bad.
Less successful were a few of the pieces pictured below. The one of the businessman cooking his ledger books was for an east coast newspaper client. Not bad, but kind of stiff and lifeless. Below that is a piece for a jesuit publication (I don’t remember the story on this one).

And then there was this one. This was for a new client, an evangelical magazine from the midwest, and it was one of those ‘kid in a candy store’ assignments, where the client wants to see how much can be squeezed into the same illustration. The concept was based on the title of the article “back to the future”, so he wanted the flying delorean car, with a portrait of some big wig at the church sticking his head out the window, wearing a stole with the church logo on it, plus a ‘honk if you love jesus’ bumper sticker, plus some hidden meaning on the liscence plate, 2 crowds of people, original church founders on one side and today’s members on the other (and streams of new converts pouring over the far hill towards them), plus a sign pointing the way to the church, plus an image of their original church building (and make it glowing please). I did the best I could, but it was one of those assignments that I felt would never end, and when I was finished I had a piece that the client was happy with, but I would likely stick in a drawer and never hope to see or be seen by anyone again. But here it is nevertheless.