Corporate Work

Carus Publishing, Clean Water Action Fund, Cobblestone, Time for Kids

I had a series of small cartoon spots this month for a corporate client. This was a series of illustrations to go with a brochure on toxic substances and their impact on children. They were all about the same size and covered a variety of subjects. A cartoon style that I like working in, but a bit straighter and less humorous than I usually do. (did manage to sneak my cat Ripley into one of them, however)

Also, this month, I had another cartoon piece for a children’s magazine. This was a story about how comparatively heavy a space suit is to wear (I would do a similar one the following year regarding firefighter’s gear).

The piece above was yet another ‘puzzle page’ illustration for a children’s science magazine feature that I frequently contribute to. Not one of my best efforts. I remember the concept for this ‘puzzle’ as being rather confusing and strange, and it looks as if I rushed through it.

Additional November Assignments

ABA, America, Consumer Reports, Newsday, Time for Kids, Zillions

The above illustration was for a legal magazine client. I don’t quite remember the angle of the story, but it was a nice finished piece. I kept it rather loose, so I didn’t have to worry too much about drawing all these difficult objects (planes, buildings, cars, semi trucks – all my least favorite topics squeezed into a single image).

The illustration below was for a children’s version of a large national magazine. This was to accompany a short article about ‘different occupations’.

The ‘medals of valor’ illustration above was for a catholic magazine in November. Below is a rather strange illustration for another of my children’s magazine clients. A rare chance to draw a portrait of Britney Spears combined with floating heads of Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison and other various historic figures (I forget who the rest of them were). I really don’t remember what this drawing was about, and it is probably just as well (I think she’s supposed to be ‘juggling’ the heads).

The above illustration was for my east coast newspaper client, and was about preparing for Thanksgiving. I see I’ve included my cat Ripley in this one (don’t know who the dog is, but it is unusual for me not to have included my own dog).
Below is another illustration I don’t quite remember all that clearly, other than the fact that it was for a jesuit publication.