Additional November Assignments

ABA, America, Consumer Reports, Newsday, Time for Kids, Zillions

The above illustration was for a legal magazine client. I don’t quite remember the angle of the story, but it was a nice finished piece. I kept it rather loose, so I didn’t have to worry too much about drawing all these difficult objects (planes, buildings, cars, semi trucks – all my least favorite topics squeezed into a single image).

The illustration below was for a children’s version of a large national magazine. This was to accompany a short article about ‘different occupations’.

The ‘medals of valor’ illustration above was for a catholic magazine in November. Below is a rather strange illustration for another of my children’s magazine clients. A rare chance to draw a portrait of Britney Spears combined with floating heads of Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison and other various historic figures (I forget who the rest of them were). I really don’t remember what this drawing was about, and it is probably just as well (I think she’s supposed to be ‘juggling’ the heads).

The above illustration was for my east coast newspaper client, and was about preparing for Thanksgiving. I see I’ve included my cat Ripley in this one (don’t know who the dog is, but it is unusual for me not to have included my own dog).
Below is another illustration I don’t quite remember all that clearly, other than the fact that it was for a jesuit publication.

Atypical Experiments

Carus Publishing, ChronicleHE, Cobblestone, Consumer Reports, Newsday, Zillions

The above illustration was for a special millage section of an east coast newspaper. I used a mix of styles for this one, watercolors and colored pencils done in a sketchy manner much like my early pastel work. I’ve gone back to this ‘dollar sign road design’ concept on more than one occasion over the years.

Below is a puzzle illustration for the children’s version of a major national consumer advocate magazine. Mostly an anagram puzzle based on recent movie titles. The style is a combination of my usual cartoon style, with some more attention paid to details in the marquee and neon.

Another puzzle page for the same magazine is pictured above. This was a rather fun project and concept. You are supposed to look at the ‘snapshots’ below and figure out which character is taking the picture based on their location and clues in the photographs.

The illustration above was for another children’s magazine, and was a floor plan of the White House when it was first built. There were a few other ‘interior’ illustrations for this project that I didn’t bother to include here, as they weren’t particularly interesting (a dining room table and fireplace).

The above illustration was for my educational publication client. I don’t remember exactly what it was about.

Cartoons Cartoons Cartoons Part 1

Consumer Reports, Zillions

I had a series of spot cartoons for my children’s magazine client in May. This was a children’s version of a well known national consumer’s advocate magazine. The magazine would soon fold, and I would have a smattering of assignments for the ‘grown up’ version of the magazine for a while, but eventually the work dried up. I had been doing work for this client since the early to mid nineties, and always had a lot of fun with these projects.
In addition to the two ‘puzzle’ illustrations for this client during May (seen in another posting), I also had this series of spots regarding ‘summer jobs’. There seemed to be three different types of spots for this project. First, there was the ‘job’ illustrations (the ‘feeding fish’ illustration above, the ‘babysitting’ illustration below, the ‘delivering groceries’ illustration below, and these seemed to have a certain amount of blank background color, presumably for text to overlay. Then, there were ‘what not to do’ type of illustrations, that involved a rare instance of ‘word balloons’ in my drawings (the ‘bad babysitter’, the ‘untidy worker’, the ‘bad timing’ kid, the ‘forgot to mow the lawn’ kid, the ‘cheapskate’ kid). Then, there were a few spots a little different in size that seemed to be showing poor judgement regarding ‘location’ (car wash & lemonade stand, below). I’ve reproduced a few of these spots a little larger to show the detail better.

continued in ‘cartoons cartoons cartoons part two’

Additional March Color Work

Consumer Reports, CRC, Harvard Magazine, Newsday, Zillions

I had a caricature assignment this month from a new client, an east coast college mouthpiece magazine. I approached this one a little differently than my usual style, and I was quite happy with how it turned out. Haven’t had much chance to go back to this style since, though.

I had a couple assignments this month from my children’s consumer magazine client. I dont’ remember what the deal was with these two illustrations, but I’m sure they were connected with some sort of ‘puzzle’ in each case. I had a lot of fun with the ‘faux product designs’ below, it took me back to my youth, collecting and studying the artwork on ‘wacky packages’.

The ‘globe’ illustration above was for a local religious organization’s monthly magazine, and the illustration below was another in a series of ‘recipe’ articles that I contributed to for a while for my east coast newspaper client.

January Cartoon Assignments

Carus Publishing, Consumer Reports, Gemini Publications, Metro Detroit Parent, Newsday, Zillions

One thing I have been amazed to discover as I dig deeper in the archives, is how much of my workload was made up of the ‘cartoon’ style back around this time. These days (around ’08 is when I’m writing this) I work almost exclusively in scratchboard, aside from the occasional exception. One positive aspect of this, is that I’ve gotten much better at the scratchboard than I was in 2000, but I wonder if I’ve lost a bit of the spontenaety and fun that I’d picked up from working so much in a lighter style.

The illustration above was for my east coast newspaper client, an illustration on ‘busy working mothers’. The black and white illustration to the left was part of a larger ‘text heavy’ illustration that I did for my agent this month, for a michigan regional parenting magazine (the rest of the illustration covered a lot of space, and was mostly made up of rather dull hand lettering).
Another hand lettering assignment for the same client is pictured below, and was a bit more interesting, trying to make letters out of various ‘school projects’. I don’t do lettering very often, but this one was kind of fun and challenging.

The tutorial on ‘how to use chopsticks’ pictured to the left was for a children’s publication client this month.

Below are a few more cartoon illustrations for my east coast newspaper client. Most of the ‘cartoon assignments’ were for the ‘ladies lifestyle’ section, as the lighter, less serious style seemed to fit the tone of the articles a little better than the heavy handed dark scratchboard technique.

The ‘woman giving flowers to herself’ illustration was for an article about being single on Valentine’s Day, and consequently, being nice to yourself. Below that, was a larger illustration about safety issues for work at home Moms, with an imaginary inspector pointing out what’s wrong (labelled ‘inspector’ on his helmet in case you missed the point).

Above is a ‘puzzle’ assignment for one of my children’s magazine clients (a kids version of a well known consumer advocate magazine, which unfortunately ceased publication the following year). This puzzle had something to do with twins and finding similar shapes hidden through the room.

To the left and below were a few more black and white assignments for my agent (same client as the other two black and white assignments above), both having to do with valentine’s day presumably.