Fiction and Non Fiction

ABA, AHMM, Charleston Magazine

Over the Thanksgiving weekend, I had a series of illustrations to go with a fiction piece for Charleston magazine, a new client this month. The story was sort of a tongue in cheek espionage tale, and included a couple larger illustrations (below) and a smaller spot (above). I emulated a ‘pulp fiction’ style from the old magazine covers of the thirties, ala HJ Ward or Norm Saunders. The only tricky one was the ‘daylight scene’ for the opening spread, which was hard to make look suspenseful or menacing in the brightly lit downtown summer setting.

In addition, I also had a black and white fiction assignment from Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine last weekend, this one featuring the theft of a first edition ‘Maltese Falcon’ during a ‘B&B Mystery Weekend’.

And for the American Bar Association, I had a cover illustration regarding Canadian trust laws.

A few more assignments to go and then I’ll be taking a short vacation during the first few weeks of December.