Annual Oscar Poster

Oscar Poster, personal

Since around 2005, I’ve done an Oscar Nominations Caricature poster for my brother, to commemorate his annual ‘Oscar Viewing Party’ that he has thrown at his restaurant in Chicago (and for years prior to the restaurants’ opening in his own home). Me and my brother watched our first Oscar broadcast together in 1974, and whether apart or together, we always touch base and compare notes each year. I doubt if he will be doing his party this year, but I’ve gotten into the habit of doing these posters, and look forward to the challenge once the nominations have been announced. This year was interesting due to the pandemic, and the fact that a lot of theaters were closed, and many of the nominated films are available on streaming services (or even originated there). Anyhow, you can see the rest of the posters in the series here.

Bonus Oscar Poster

Oscar Poster

Had a little time this afternoon, so I worked up an extra ‘Oscars Poster’ to go with my collection. I have a vague idea of publishing a book of these (if I can somehow work out the legal/rights issues involved). Perhaps by 2029 I can get all 100 years of Oscar history done. 1929 was the first year of the Academy Awards, and the nomination field was quite a bit smaller than it would later become. For instance, only two actors were nominated for ‘Best Actor’ this year (but for 2 roles each in 4 separate movies), and again, only three actresses. ‘Wings’ won best picture, and there was a special award given for ‘The Jazz Singer’ for its technical achievements in sync sound.

Oscars Poster 2020

Oscar Poster

The annual ‘Oscar Nominations Poster’ snuck up on me this year. They moved the awards show up to early February, and I barely had time to even look at the nominations list before it was time to get to work on it. I have done one of these, off and on since 2005, mostly for my own amusement, and also as a keepsake for my brother’s ‘Oscar Viewing Party’ which he holds at his restaurant in Chicago every year. The rest of the series (along with some bonus posters from years when I have felt particularly productive) can be found under the “Personal Work” heading in the menu above.

One of these days, I’m going to have to figure out what I can do with all of these, perhaps in time for the 100th anniversary of the awards coming up in 2029.

Oscar Poster 1974

Oscar Poster, personal



I’m still in a holding pattern on the two upcoming book projects, so to keep busy, I’ve been going nuts on these Oscar Throwback posters this week. Besides getting this year’s poster done, I’ve also done posters for 1973, 1975, and then this afternoon, finished up one for 1974. Hopefully, I’ll be starting on some ‘real work’ next week.

Oscar Poster 1975

Oscar Poster, personal



On a roll this year, and got another Oscar Poster done. These are mostly for the benefit of my brother, Tom, who shares an obsession with me about this yearly broadcast, and for both of us, the seventies being a particularly favorite decade for movies. Earlier posts explain the story behind these caricature posters, and just in the past week or so, you can find a poster for the current year (2019), and one for 1973 and this one, 1975. You will also find a link to the entire collection of these posters, going back some 14 years.