Mose Goes Walkies Week 6/27-7/2

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This week, I shall be attempting my first ‘theme week’, where all the strips will have a ‘backpacking’ theme (inspired by last weekend’s trip on the Manistee River Trail). More to come as I get them done.

And once again, I have an upcoming camping weekend next week, so I’ve been getting some done ahead of time for posting on July 7, 8 & 9 (pictured below).

Mose Goes Walkies Weekdays 6/20-6/25

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Another hiking trip planned for the end of this week, so I’m getting ahead on these so I can post them on the trail to the ‘Mose Goes Walkies’ instagram site. Above is 6/20 and the one for 6/24 is below.

Above is the strip for 6/21, and below is the sunday color strip for 6/26 (done ahead of time because I’ll be backpacking this weekend.

Above is the strip for 6/22, and below is the one I did ahead of time for 6/25.

Mose Goes Walkies Weekdays 6/13-6/18

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This week’s ‘Mose Goes Walkies’, plus some strips that I’m getting done ahead of schedule for some buffer on vacation days in the next few weeks. Above is 6/13, below is 6/14, and lower down are 6/18 and 6/23, then 6/15 & 6/16. I’m going to a Music Festival this weekend, so Friday-Sunday are done ahead of time (see the posting for last week’s strips).

Mose Goes Walkies Weekdays June 6-11

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Trying to keep a comic strip alive on a daily basis for as long as I can keep it up. Here’s all of the strips I did this week. Monday (above), Tuesday (below).

I’ve got some dates next week where I’ll be away at a music festival, so on Wednesday I began doubling up so I can have some to post on my Instagram site when I’m gone (below are the rest of the week, along with extras that I’ve put together to post next week while I’m away from the office). Below is Wednesday, then an extra for next week.

Thursday (above) and Friday (below). The color strip is planned for the Sunday of June 19 when I’m away.

Above is Saturday’s strip, finishing out this week. I hope to get one more done today to get ahead of next weekend’s planned Music Festival.

Mose Goes Walkies Sunday

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This ‘Mose Goes Walkies’ project which I started last week has jump started my creativity in a way that I had not foreseen when I started out on this journey. My tentative plan for this series (which is still evolving) is to do a 4 panel comic every day, in a wide variety of styles, with Sunday’s comic in color and the rest of the week in black and white. At some point I may create a separate website presence for this project once I’ve gotten a few months worth of content under my belt.