December Off and Running

ABA, ChronicleHE, Far East Economic Review, WSJ

December is starting to shape up to be a pretty busy month. A new postcard just hit the mails the other day, and I’m already starting to get a few bites. The above illustration and the one below were both for my Hong Kong client earlier this week. The one above was a spot illustration and the one below was for the cover. And I reused the ‘starburst’ effect that I used on the ‘violin’ piece for a Wall Street Journal illustration yesterday (below).

Also this week I had an illustration for the Chronicle of Higher Education and below that, a cover illustration for the American Bar Association.

Into November

Far East Economic Review, US Catholic, WSJ

Several small spot projects over the past few weeks. The one above was one I completed for the Wall Street Journal this morning, and the three below that I did earlier this week and last week.

The illustration below was a spot illustration for US Catholic, about a girl who has to wear a consignment shop communion dress amidst her friend’s more modern store bought finery. Tried working in a little different style for this, working a little looser and trying to find some way to make the white dresses look interesting against a white background.

I was also given an interesting challenge this past weekend from my Hong Kong client. They wanted a cover illustration to cover Obama’s upcoming visit, but instead of my regular style, they wanted to emulate a certain type of Japanese woodcut print, like ones that were used to commemorate early visits by western explorers.

And, finally, another health care spot for the Wall Street Journal done at the beginning of the 2 week period, about the health benefits of agave plant extracts.

Busy Weekend

Barrons, Far East Economic Review, WSJ

Things started picking up a bit starting last Thursday. A couple of ‘maybe’ jobs that are still in negotiation, the ongoing board game project has entered the ‘board’ stage and is keeping me pretty busy, and the ‘pirate’ project continues to circle in a holding pattern until after labor day. Meanwhile, this past weekend I took in a few projects for Barrons (the Uncle Sam illustration and the ‘airplane boarding’ illustration below), plus a faux ‘railroad travel poster’ cover illustration for my Hong Kong client (pictured above). September seems to be starting off a little stronger than any of the past three months. Not sure if it is clients returning from vacations, a recent postcard mailing, or just a seasonable upturn, but the work is definitely welcome after a slow summer.

Below is another Wall Street Journal project that I completed last week, something to do with in-flight wireless internet charges, and below that, another of the Journal’s ‘health care’ illustration spots.

Would You Believe… More Presidents?

Far East Economic Review, Uncle Goose Toys

Continuing to work my way through the 44 presidential portraits for an upcoming wooden toy block project, and starting to get very near the finish line with this project, with only 5 more to go. Thinking that if I combined these into a single image, and colorized them, it might make a nice self promo postcard for this summer.

Additionally, over the weekend, I had an interesting challenge from my Hong Kong client. They wanted a portrait for a cover illustration done in the style of Japanese ‘Manga’ – the tricky part was in both capturing a likeness of the subject while adhering to the stylistic constraints.