Multiple Irons in the Fire


Early in the week, and I’m working on several projects concurrently. Above is a rough sketch for an Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine story, and below is a rough sketch for an upcoming magazine cover assignment (which I will be finishing up later this week). I’m also working on some black and white spots for an upcoming book project (some dice used as chapter opener spots pictured below). I’ve been given the go-ahead on the Witches Companion sketches from a previous post, so I’ll likely be working on those as the month progresses, plus I’m waiting on several book projects that will be gaining steam in the next few weeks. Nice to be busy again.



Well, unless something comes in over the next few days, this will be the last illustration before Christmas. I rather liked how this one turned out, and thanks to my wife for the ‘hand modeling’ (I wasn’t crazy about the angle in the rough sketch). This was for Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine, a client I’ve been working with since 1989 (and in fact, were one of the very first ‘national magazine clients’ to contact me in that first year of freelancing). I’ve another cover illustration assignment to finish up in the week between Christmas and New Years, but otherwise it looks like 2020 is wrapping up. Happy and Safe Holidays Everyone and here’s hoping 2021 is a big improvement.

Busiest Week in a Long While

AHMM, Media Lab Books, Topix Media

It’s nice to be busy again. It’s been so long that I’ve almost forgotten what it feels like to work nearly a full day, all week long. Been working on the latest batch of illustrations for the fantasy inspired recipe book (above and below), plus I’ve got an assignment this week from a new client (actually an AD I’ve worked with before for another client, but who has moved on), for which I’ll be posting some examples of later in the week.

Also, this afternoon, I had some rough sketches to do for an Alfred Hitchcock story. The sketch is below, and I’ll be posting the finish next week before the holiday break. It’s a fun little story about a pair of women who build crime scene miniatures for forensic clients, who solve a mystery in the process of building their scale model.

Alfred Hitchcock Cover


This will probably end up being the high point of the year for me. After over 30 years of interior black and white illustrations from Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine, I had my first color cover assignment. I took a lot of time on this one (more so than usual), and I’m really pleased with how it turned out. The story for this one was a Sherlock Holmes mystery, in which Watson is left to solve the case on his own, and is set on the British moors (a very specific location, in fact, which I had to do a little research on). Some things are worth waiting for.