Window Panel Redo


Back in September, I had an unusual assignment from a midwest publisher to do a couple of large panel designs to be used as ‘window etchings’ for their offices. One side would be an image of a Guttenberg Press and the other would depict a Modern Scene with a mother/child depicted using one of those ‘digital readers’. Well, after the work was completed, there was a change of direction with the 2nd of the two panels, and a couple months went by before the agreed upon revision got the go-ahead. Above is the updated ‘2nd panel’ for this project, which I completed early this week.

End of Week Wrap

Barrons, Concordia, Freaks of Nurture Comics, Newsday

The illustration above was one that I completed this afternoon for Barrons, to be published sometime next week. I also had a rush job for Newsday this morning, which will probably be appearing sometime in their weekend edition (pictured below).

I had an unusual assignment this week from a new client, a publisher from St. Louis. They wanted a diptych in a rather large format (8×24 each) showing Guttenberg and an early letterpress machine on one side, and on the other, a mother reading to her child using a ‘Digital Reader’. These will be etched onto glass and used as a decorative element in their corporate offices. The biggest challenge in working these large sizes, is in gauging the relative line widths so that the illustration reads well from a distance without looking too cluttered and busy. I’m hoping I can get a photo of the finished product so that I can see how these turned out.

Also, I had another ‘blog illustration’ for a website that I’ve been helping design (pictured below).