Witch One?


Here’s how the finished version of the cover illustration turned out for an upcoming title for Llewellyn. Was trying for a little looser style as the AD requested something looking more like a woodcut/screenprint.

Then, after getting away from it for a bit, I took another look and realized that I wasn’t completely happy with how it turned out, and took another whack at it. This one is a bit less detailed and going for more of a ‘woodcut’ look.

And again, the next morning I took a look and wasn’t quite happy with how busy it looked, so tried to clean it up a little more and resubmitted it. Seem to be struggling with this one, and I’m not sure why.

Witch Rough Sketch


A rough sketch for a book cover illustration coming up in the next few weeks. Stay tuned. After looking it over, the client had some revisions (not so young looking witches, eliminating the hat and short skirts), and then we ended up going with a design that matched the client’s original mockup (as you can see in the next post).

More Witches


A few more Witches Companion interior illustrations today. I’ve been a contributor to this annual journal since 2008, and a client of the publisher since 1997. So very grateful that they see fit to hire me every year. Really enjoying how this year’s batch is turning out.

Valentines Weekend

Llewellyn, NEAToday

Heading in to the weekend. Finished up a cover illustration for a new client (see bottom of this post), and I’ve started on a few of the Llewellyn Witches Companion Interiors (getting them done early to make room for other assignments that are waiting in the wings). I’ll likely be working on these over the weekend, so more to come on Monday.