Into May

Llewellyn, MacMillan, Penguin

Currently working on the finish illustrations for the next ‘Who Was’ book, this one on the Reconstruction (above is a sample portrait from this collection of eighty illustrations). Meanwhile awaiting the manuscript for the next ‘who was’ book (on the Roswell incident), and another book for MacMillan on the McCarthy Witch Hunts of the fifties. Last week, I completed a few interior illustrations for a book for Llewellyn (pictured below), and I’m trying to juggle all this with a trip to Italy next week.

Witches Sketch


A little earlier this year than usual, but I’ve already started a rough sketch for the next Witches Companion. I’ve been doing these every year since 2008, and with the retirement of the previous Art Director last year, I’m working with a new designer this time around.