When it Rains it Pours…

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Since I came back from vacation, I’ve been too busy to post new work on the blog. Currently I’m working on 50 illustrations for a scratchboard color book for Dover (samples will have to stay under wraps until publication), two ‘Who was’ book projects for Penguin with 80 illustrations each (and, again, samples I can’t share until publication), and I just finished up a series of 15 or so illustrations for the Witches Companion series for Llewellyn (I’ll post some of these in a few days when I get the time). In the meantime, relatively short deadline work has been picking up the last few weeks (month? I’m losing track of time), so I’ve got a few samples of those to share. Above is an illustration for Main Line Today, and below are a few spot illustrations for the Chronicle of Higher Education and Farm Futures.

Also, did another series of cartoon ads for a local lawyer, which appears to be turning into a regular gig for a while, since they seem to be getting good results. They aren’t much different than the samples I’ve posted before, so I’ll just post a smaller thumbnail version this time. Another busy weekend ahead, so I’ll likely have some new samples of short deadline work to share next week along with the Llewellyn pieces.


Farm Futures, Green Prints

Here’s a few of the short deadline pieces that I finished up this past week, one for GreenPrints and the other for Farm Futures. Began work on laying out this year’s ‘oscar poster’, since the nominations were announced yesterday morning, and spent the rest of my time this month doing sketches for upcoming book projects. Oh, and I have a birthday coming up this weekend. 53 years.

April Showers

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Most of April has been consumed by work on one of three book projects (which I can’t share here for contractual reasons), but I’ve got a few pieces this past week or so, for other clients that I can share. Above and below are a few black and white illustrations for Green Prints, a gardening digest.

The same week, I had a cover assignment for Farm Futures Magazine, pictured below, and, then just as I was finishing up work on the first of the three book projects, a rush cover assignment for the WSJ came in on Thursday of last week, involving ‘recognizing bubbles’.

I also had a Barrons assignment due last week, which would have made for a very hectic Thursday and Friday, but thankfully, the deadline on that one got moved ahead, so I finished it up this morning.

Starting work this week on the second of three book assignments, which should keep me pretty busy into the first part of May. See you in a few weeks, when I again emerge from my lair.


Farm Futures, Llewellyn, US Catholic, WSJ

And here we are in February already. Still buried in snow here in West Michigan, and I’ve now got three books that I’m currently working on (and again, not able to share any of the work here in this blog until publication). But in the meantime, I’ve been also working on several shorter deadline projects. The black and white images above and below are all for the newest edition of the Witches Companion book for Llewellyn. I believe this is the seventh book in this series that I’ve been involved with (I usually do a cover in the late fall of the year, and a portion of the interior illustrations around the first part of the year), and I usually enjoy these projects very much, being a bit of a change of pace from the usual bill of fare around here.

Below is a cover and interior spot for Farm Futures Magazine that I did last week, and below that, a piece for US Catholic, and a piece for the Wall Street Journal.

End of Year Round-up

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Well, here it is another New Year’s Eve. I’ve had a few projects over the past week or so to share, and tomorrow it will be time to round up my ‘year in review’ posting. The band is playing a private New Year’s party tonight, and I’ve got a few errands to run today, so I’ll just post these few samples and get out of here. See you next year.

Above: A Sunday Weekender illustration for the Wall Street Journal on ‘New Year’s Resolutions’ Below: A fiction piece for Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine.

Below: A series of three spot illustrations for ‘Farm Futures’

Oh, and another funny story regarding my ‘Krampus’ image for this year. I’ve been posting these Krampus images to my Zazzle store for several years now, and they are frequently my biggest sellers, especially around the holiday season. I also decided, besides sending this year’s image out as a personal holiday greeting card, to send out a pile of them as promotional postcards for the business. A few days after their release, I got an email from one designer in Colorado, asking to be removed from his mailing list because he found the card ‘offensive and ugly’ (I’ve got the email saved and plan on having it framed with the card), and another asking to use it gratis on their facebook page, but so far no work. But in the meantime, the image is selling like hotcakes on Zazzle. Once I get one more done, I’ll have a total of four cards along a similar theme, and plan on test marketing them as a 4 card ‘box assortment’ (next year, I’m going to make an effort to do a ‘cute’ Krampus, as a change of pace, we can’t have people calling him ‘ugly’). Happy New Year, and here’s hoping 2014 is an improvement on 2013 (can’t get any worse can it?).

Click any of the images above to see a larger version, and if you’re interested in browsing the zazzle store click on this LINK