GreenPrints assignment

Green Prints

An assignment for GreenPrints this week. Did this one on the iPad, as I’m increasingly doing for most of my work these days. I’m still currently working on several concurrent book projects (of which there’s not much I can share at this point), and the Llewellyn witch interiors are still in the works (I’ll have more to share next week), plus I have another Center for Public Integrity assignment that I’ll likely be sharing next week as well.


Green Prints

A couple of small spot illustrations for GreenPrints this week. I’m also working on the next Witches Companion, which I should finish up tomorrow, plus I’ll be starting on the next “Who Was” book very shortly.

Coloring Book Sample

Dover, Green Prints

A new coloring book project is now officially in the works for Dover. This will be a collection of ‘Literary Horror’ images, and I had done a sample illustration a few weeks ago in preparation. The editors asked me to think about working in a new style that might facilitate more coloring freedom for the users of the book, so I worked up a new sample this week (after several false starts). We’ll see if this meets with their approval. Below is the black and white line art version.

We tested negative for Covid yesterday – Yay! A pretty mild time of it, although I am suspicious that my sense of taste may have taken a slight hit.

Also this week I did a small illustration for GreenPrints (the magazine has been purchased by another company, so this is the first time working with the new corporate overlords).

Feeling Sketchy

Green Prints, Llewellyn

First week of 2022, and I’m currently working on the next batch of Witches Companion interiors (I’ve been starting each year off with this project now for going on 14 years). Above are the sketches for this year’s assortment. I should begin working on these over the rest of the month. Below is a rough sketch for the next GreenPrints illustration. This publication got purchased by a parent company over the holiday break, so we’ll see how the transition goes. I’ve also gotten some startling news this morning with a positive Covid test that I had taken early last week in response to my wife having a sore throat. I’m feeling no symptoms and I rarely ever leave the house, and we have a possible trip scheduled for my 60th birthday this month, so I am hoping this doesn’t throw a monkey wrench into our plans.

April Showers

Green Prints

Besides the book projects I’ve been working on this month, the rest of the past thirty days have been rather quiet. Here are a few illustration sets for GreenPrints that I did at the end of last week. These assignments usually consist of a main illustration, sometimes with a companion spot, and then a variety of ‘drop cap’ illustrations or ‘page break’ tiny icons.

Since I’m nearly done with the rough sketch phase of the latest ‘What Was’ book, I’ll likely be posting some samples from a previous book in the next few days, just to give this blog some content and to showcase some of my published work from this series.