days 72-75

Barrons, ChronicleHE, Philadelphia Weekly

Day Seventy Two

Today’s illustration was one that I actually finished up yesterday evening. An assignment for the Chronicle, which was about reading book reviews at the beach. Since it was such a strong horizontal, you can see a larger version by clicking on the image above.

Day Seventy Three

Nothing much on the docket today, just a rough sketch for a quick turnaround job due on Thursday. I’m doing a little more recording and mixing work on the Jukejoint Handmedowns cd, and took a little time off to do a pen and ink sketch of Edward G Robinson.

Day Seventy Four

Today’s illustration was a quick turnaround assignment for Barrons for an article about diversity in Mutual Funds. (you can see a larger version by clicking on the above image)

Day Seventy Five

Well, in honor of Labor Day, I got up early and did a couple projects this morning, like I do nearly every other day of the year. The illustration above was a cover illustration assignment for Philadelphia Weekly, and I also worked up a sketch for an upcoming assignment for Highlights. Happy Labor Day everyone, and back to work tomorrow, bright and early.

Days 61 through 66

ChronicleHE, Philadelphia Weekly, self portrait, WSJ

Day Sixty One

Took the weekend off, and went back to work on the above illustration on Monday morning. (You can click on the image above to see a larger version, and you can click on this link to see the version with an additional element requested by the art director, which I wasn’t all that crazy about). I also spent some time this morning working on some rough sketches for the Chronicle, for which I’ll be working on finishes either later today or tomorrow.

Day Sixty Two

Today’s illustration is an assignment for the Chronicle for their ‘online version’, a portrait of quantum mechanics scientist Richard Feynman. I also whipped up a quickie self portrait yesterday evening whilst my wife was down at the radio station recording her show (which I decided to use as my ‘sidebar portrait’, as well as an icon for my zazzle store)

Day Sixty Three

Today’s drawing is one of 8 that I’ll be finishing up over the next few weeks for an academic book project.

Day Sixty Four

Today’s illustration is a quick turnaround assignment for the Journal.

Day Sixty Five

Today’s illustration is another of the pieces for the academic book project I’m working on.

Day Sixty Six

Took the weekend off to work on some music recording and mixing, and got back to work on Monday morning with another of the illustrations for an upcoming academic book project. I also did some tweaking to an earlier illustration, per the author’s request (pictured below). More to come this week.

Days 56 through 60

Highlights, Philadelphia Weekly

Day Fifty Six

Took the weekend off, to do a little recording for the upcoming JJHD cd, visit with my son home from Chicago, and spend some time with my Mom up from Florida for a brief spell. Not much going on today, just a few rough sketches for upcoming projects.

Day Fifty Seven

Still awaiting okays on a couple projects, so in the meantime, I worked up a pen and ink sketch of actor Robert Ryan. There was an interesting article on this actor in Sunday’s Times, which has been percolating in my head for the past few days. This is also a pen and ink style that I’m thinking of using for an upcoming book project, so I’m doing a little practicing in getting the bugs out before it begins.

Day Fifty Eight

Again, working in black and white line, I tackled a portrait of Esperanza Spalding today. I think I overworked this one just a little bit. The hardest part about line work and cross hatching is knowing when to say ‘when’.

Day Fifty Nine

Didn’t actually get much drawing done today. Went on a long bike ride and helped a friend pack up his belongings for a move out to Denver for most of the day today (plus an evening band practice). So, today’s drawing will actually be a sample of one of 16 sketches I did yesterday afternoon for an upcoming book project. The finishes for these illustrations will probably start appearing next week, as I get them completed.

Day Sixty

I’ve spent most of today working on a cover illustration for a magazine client (a rough sketch was posted earlier in the week). I’ll be posting the finished version in a few days, but in the meantime, here’s a sneak peek of the ‘in-progress’ work.

Back to Work

Philadelphia Weekly, WSJ

Above was a quick turnaround cover for a new client this weekend, regarding the pulp novelist David Goodis. I also had a last minute ‘aches & claims’ illustration for the Wall Street Journal in the afternoon. Glad the holidays are finally over and it’s nice to get back to work.