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Been a while since I’ve drawn an extracurricular portrait of one of my friends, so I took some time to experiment with some unfamiliar tools in my Painter toolbox to do this drawing of Julie (based on a photo of hers that I had requested I could use, from her Instagram feed). Tried not to overwork it, as is my habit.

Portrait Project

Facebook Faces

1FBF2terriFinally finished up all the book projects that had been keeping me busy since January. I’ve a few more in the wings, but for the time being I find myself ‘in between projects’. I don’t like sitting idle, so I’ve decided to go back to a project that I had started several years ago, wherein I draw a portrait of each and every ‘Facebook friend’ (based on whatever photos they have made public), as a way of experimenting with different mediums, and to keep honing my skills. The last time I did this, there were several portraits that I was less than satisfied with, so I look at this as a chance to improve on the collection, and the friend list has grown by half in the intervening years, so I intend to take my time with this round. Here’s number one of the new collection, my wife Terri.


Facebook Faces Update

Facebook Faces

As part of my New Year’s Resolution to do more ‘personal work’ this coming year, I’ve decided to jump start the process by revisiting a challenge that I undertook in 2012 to draw a portrait of each and every one of my ‘Facebook friends’, using a variety of mediums and styles and working methods. Since I’ve added an additional 50 or 60 friends in the time since I completed that challenge, I’ve got several new subjects to tackle.┬áHere’s Lydia & Ted & Julie.




Sketch Day

ABA, Facebook Faces

Not a lot on the docket today, just a few rough sketches for an upcoming project (pictured below), and since I was already in a loose, sketchy mood, I did today’s portrait in a similar style. Today’s is a complete stranger, Jason (and I forget from whose facebook friends list I found him), but, like yesterday’s portrait, I attempted to do the portrait without adhering too closely to the original photo reference.