Who Was Series #11

From ‘Who Was Milton Bradley?’, 2016

I’m currently working on my 24th & 25th “Who Was” titles, so I’m sharing sample from the previous books in an ongoing series over the next few weeks. I completed three titles in 2016, and the second one was “Who Was Milton Bradley?”. Here are a few favorites from this book. If you are interested in seeing all the illustrations from this title, here is a link to a previous blog post, and here is a link to purchase the book from Amazon.

From “Who Was Milton Bradley?’, 2016

Book cover


A wrap-around book cover assignment that actually wasn’t due until July, but I had some open time this week before I get super busy with three simultaneous projects next week. This was for a writer who I did cover art for several years ago, and have been doing magazine essay illustrations over the past year. The idea of doing this derelict ship was quite intimidating, but once I got into it, it was quite fun. Below is a detailed version with just the boat.

Pirate Ship Revisited


The client for whom I did the ‘Pirate Ship’ illustration a few weeks back, requested another version with extended size, and details, and a border and overlaid text. Here’s how that turned out.