Illustration work

Delaware Today

Been a long dry summer at the illustration mines. Not much to post in quite a while. Been working on a few book projects (and have a few new ones in the coming months), and this past week I had a few spot illustration assignments from Delaware Today (several ‘exercise gear’ spots pictured above, and a few houses below).

Illustration work

Delaware Today

Yes, I’m still doing illustration work. Here’s a few recent projects I’ve been working on. These black and white illustrations are chapter openers for an upcoming book on “Evolutionary Intelligence”.

Below is an illustration I did last week for Delaware Today, about a Lacrosse team who got caught in a racial profiling traffic stop.

Mose Goes Walkies Patreon Site

comics, Mose Goes Walkies

The strip above is one I’ve done early for next Sunday, as I’ll be away at a music festival this weekend.

I’ve created a Patreon Page for “Mose Goes Walkies” as a way of supporting my cartooning habit. Ever since I was 10 years old, I’ve wanted to be a cartoonist. I’ve compromised over the years, working as a graphic artist, then as an illustrator for more than 3 decades, but as I’ve only got five more working years (give or take) left in me, I’ve decided to pour a lot more energy into achieving this goal. I am still very new to this, and hope to improve with repetition.

I’d like to reassure my illustration clients, that I am still accepting commissions and will be giving 100% of my energy and creativity to whatever future projects come my way, however you will be seeing a lot more of Mose around here.


Delaware Today

Finished up the Delaware Today portrait this weekend. Tried to keep it loose and sketchy, and add a little more dynamics than were present in the original photo they gave me as a starting point.

Portrait Assignment Sketch

Delaware Today, rough sketches

Been a long dry spell for illustration work, but I’ve a few upcoming projects in the works. I got this assignment on Monday from Delaware Today (they had a photo they wanted to use, but it was pretty low resolution, and an illustration seemed to solve the problem I guess). This is the rough sketch I sent to the editors, and I’m hoping to do the finish in a style similar to the ones I’ve done of my friend Julie K recently (example 1, example 2).