Rough Sketch


Sometimes I like to show what my rough sketches look like, especially if they turn out nice like this one today for the Chronicle. I got a job from them yesterday with a longer than usual deadline, but, as I’ll be out of town around the holidays, I’m ending up doing it at the usual pace, with the finish due after the weekend.

Sketchaholics Anonymous

Business North Carolina, ChronicleHE

Above is a quick turnaround illustration for the Chronicle that I did on Monday. Otherwise, the workload continues to be rather heavy on the prelim sketch phase. Below are a sampling of sketches for further upcoming projects, and I’ll see you later in the week when I start finishing some of these up.

Going to be a busy music weekend coming up, I’ll be taking the day off on Friday to drive down to Chicago to hear my son blow his sax at his college’s ‘Combo Fest’, and then driving back home to prepare for the Jukejoint Handmedowns first appearance at ‘Nick Fink’s’ (this is a cool old bar on the other side of the river from us in Comstock Park, been around since 1888 with some great black vinyl booths and velvet wallpaper), and then our adult string orchestra will be having its christmas concert on Sunday afternoon (I play cello in this group, and the wife plays viola).

Sketch Friday

AHMM, Baker Book House

Recovering nicely from my surgery on Monday, but still having trouble sitting upright for long stretches of time at my desk. I managed to finish up the big book project that I’d been working on for the past month and a half (but can’t post samples of until next year sometime), and am starting work on several other projects for December. Here’s a few rough sketches for various assignments for the coming weeks, plus an unused sketch from an assignment last week that I preferred over the one that eventually got chosen by the client.


Red thread, WSJ

Been a busy week. Still working hard on the upcoming book project (about at the halfway point), but continuing to squeeze in the day to day projects in the margins. The illustration above was one I did for the Journal this morning/afternoon, and below is the rough sketch for a cover for Red Thread that I’ll be finishing up next week.
But for now, I’m going to take the rest of the weekend off, and drive to Chicago to see my son for his birthday.

weak end rap up


Some unusual projects on my docket around the end of the week. I’ve been approached by a music producer out east to work up an inside/outside cd package with a ‘sci fi’ theme (the idea is that the cd package is in fact a relic of an alien civilization, the exterior like a weathered ‘black box’ and the inside full of technological doo dads and whatnots, and also incorporating the band’s ‘logo design’ in such a way that it is hidden in the designs). This stuff is way outside my usual comfort zone, but I’ve been having fun playing around with various unusual techniques and tricks, mostly in photoshop. Probably still not at the finish line with this project, but here’s a sneak peak at the progress so far.
(these tiny reproductions don’t really do justice to all the details, so if you click on each image, you will see a larger version)

Also been doing a lot of sketching for upcoming projects (one of which, for Barrons, is posted below), mostly ahead of schedule, because I’m going to try and take a long weekend and catch up on some sailing on Saturday, Sunday and Monday. Unfortunately, my body didn’t get the message, and decided to come down with a cold on Thursday, which I’m still fighting.