days 79-82 of the challenge


Day Seventy Nine

Hard to believe it was ten years ago already. I’ve noticed a lot of other illustrators have been doing a fair share of “that certain date”¬†Anniversary illustration assignments, and I was beginning to think it was going to pass me by. But I got a call from Newsday this morning with a quick turnaround assignment. Thankfully not another image of airplanes and exploding buildings, but something with a little more of a hopeful (yet vigilant) feel to it. This one will run with an editorial in the Sunday paper.

Day Eighty

Got an email assignment last week regarding a tee shirt design of a bear smoking a tree shaped cigar and wearing a ranger hat. This project needs to be ‘color separated’, which is something I have very little experience with, so I may be turning over part of the ‘print prep’ work over to my wife. Below is the color version (with the ‘less than seven colors’ specified).

Day Eighty One

The children’s ‘joke book’ project continues, with a few more revised sketches. From the way things are looking, I’ll probably be posting a lot of rough sketches this week.

Day Eighty Two

Today’s sketch is a quick caricature of Mitt Romney for a possible upcoming project. (Addendum: The project got the go ahead in October, but I won’t be able to post any examples until it is published sometime in 2012, but I spent most of October and November working on it)