Bring it on 2013


A nice start to the new year with a cover assignment for the Journal. This was a four part set of ‘different groupings’ to compare what the new taxes will mean to certain wage earning families (single parent with kids, married couple with kids, single wage earner, retired couple). The funny part was, I was so worried about getting this done on time, that I spent the entire previous night dreaming that I was doing this project (although in my dream, the four elements were remarkably wacky and involved baking cakes and shipping them via fed x, using special retro typewriters that needed to be sent to me by the client, etc etc). Was happy to find, when I awoke, that the project went much more painlessly.

Been working on ‘Amish Girls’ sketches the rest of the time this week, as I’ve got another edition of that book series to look forward to in the second half of the month.