in the shop

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My computer has been in the repair shop the past few days, and I just got it back this afternoon. Been working on my wife’s laptop, which isn’t too much different, other than the fact that I find it hard to judge the colors and their intensity, depending on whether my eyes are lined up with the screen’s ‘sweet spot’). The above illustration was for the Chronicle this week, and I also got started on my ‘Witch’ interiors for this year (several of the black and white illustrations below). I’ve been doing these Witches’ Companion books for Llewellyn for the past several years, usually a cover illustration in the late fall, and the black and white interior spots in January (the interior spots are divvied up between several illustrators).

Also, yesterday, I finished up a piece for US Catholic in more of a ‘cartoon style’ (which was a nice change of pace from all the detailed scratchboard pieces), plus I also did some tweaking to the JJHD CD cover artwork (some of the boys felt that the hairdo on the first version was too similar to a local female rockabilly celebrity and might be confusing for some fans). Personally I still like the first hairdo better.