Still Here

AHMM, Green Prints, Uncle Goose Toys, US Catholic

Been over a week since my last post. Been keeping fairly busy, but as with a lot of my work this year, I’m unable to share it on the blog until after publication. Last week spent most of my time working on a series of 4 illustrations for a book project I thought had been put to bed months ago, but a few extra illustrations were added to the pile. Still awaiting approval on a batch of 90 illustrations for another project, and have been given the go ahead on starting sketches for the next ‘Amish Girl’ book. But in the meantime, I’m still working on this and that short term project for my magazine clients. Above is another fiction piece for Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine (24 years working for this digest this month). Below is a spot illustration (and an additional widget of a sprig of parsley) for GreenPrints (a newer client I picked up last fall and for whom I’ve done 3 or 4 previous assignments).

And somewhere in the past couple weeks I also had a pro bono assignment from a friend of mine, which harkens back to my earliest days of freelancing. Back when I was in High School, my very first assignments were from my Mother, who would hire me to draw a caricature poster for various retiring co-workers. I usually would do these on poster board bought from the local drug store using a box of colored markers (I can still recall sitting at the family dining room table late in the evening trying to milk the last bit of color from quickly depleting felt tips). This one was a caricature to decorate a flyer/invite for a friend of a friend’s upcoming retirement party.

Last week, I also received a package from the UPS man, with a box of wooden presidential blocks that I had provided illustrations for about 4 years ago. (Currently working on a new project for this toy manufacturer, and it was brought up in conversation that I hadn’t yet received a sample to see how they turned out)

This morning I also finished up a piece for US Catholic (pictured below) on Urban Sprawl.

In other developments, over the weekend, I started working with a new animation program (starting work on a new music video for my band, as a way of continuing my education in animation in hopes of eventually turning it into another branch of TFI). I’ll be posting some ‘sneak peeks’ in the coming weeks. So far, the program has been a challenge to learn the ins and outs of, but the leap forward in the professionalism of the end product has been very encouraging.