ABA, Baker Book House

The week ended with an email from the art department of one of my publisher clients, with the go ahead to finish up one of the big projects that has been sitting on a back burner for the past month. I’m at about the 3/4 mark of the ‘Little Amish Girl’ book project, so I’ll be redoubling my efforts over this weekend to get this one cleared up so I can begin work on the next project. I’ll be changing over from ‘Little Amish Girls’ to ‘Little Frontier Girls’ but with a similar line art style, and unfortunately, this is another project that I’ll be holding off on samples until publication, so the posts may be slowing down, but rest assured I’ll have a busy schedule over the next six weeks or so. Here’s the ‘Amish Girl’ output over the past week in the meantime.

And, while all this ongoing publishing work has been keeping me fairly busy, I’m still working on the infrequent magazine assignment here and there. Here’s a few sketches for some upcoming illustrations for the ABA:

And, since summer is fast approaching, I’ve begun thinking about some ‘busy work’ to keep me occupied during the inevitable summer slow period (although with this book project, I may not have a slow period this summer). I’ve decided to continue with the ‘portrait theme’ that I did last year, except I’m going to concentrate on a list of ‘Famous People pre-1900′ that I found on my Zazzle store, and put these portraits to work on tee shirts mugs etc, on the off chance there are fans of these obscure personages. I’m starting with the ‘Architects’, and the first one in the series was Filippo Brunelleschi. As my schedule has changed since I did this last week, I may not get to another one until sometime in June or July.

Back to work.