On the downhill side

ABA, ChronicleHE, US Catholic

Continuing to work on the large book project, and after a couple weeks, am now finding myself just past the halfway mark and coasting down the other side. But in keeping with the contract for this particular job, I won’t be sharing any of the illustrations until after publication. In the meantime, I’m continuing to squeeze in other work in the margins, and here’s a few of the pieces I’ve finished up in the past week. Above was an ‘apocalyptic’ illustration for US Catholic that I did earlier this week, and below is another of a pair of illustrations that I did for the American Bar Association last weekend (the other one being the ‘Lincoln Speech’ illustration from the previous post).

The above image was another ‘commencement’ illustration for the Chronicle of Higher Education (been doing work for them for over twenty years, so I’ve amassed quite a pile of ‘cap and gown’ images in that time. And finally, below, is an illustration I did for the Weekly Standard this morning.