and into Summer…


Busy week, finishing up the last of the three book projects I’ve been working on since early this year (all, of course, I’m unable to share here, for contractual reasons). A new book project starts early next week, so I’m apparently not out of the woods yet. One of the books from last year just got published, so I may share a sampling of illustrations from that one in the coming week, but until then, I’ve posted the one ‘editorial’ assignment I had come across my desk in the past couple of weeks, a piece for Barrons on bank regulations.

Going to be a busy weekend of music, with the Grand Rapids Festival of the Arts taking place on the 6th, 7th & 8th. My band plays on Saturday morning, and I typically take the weekend off of work, and spend the entire weekend wandering around, catching some music acts, eating food from the booths, and getting a sunburn.