1992 Year in Review

Year In Review

My fourth year in business, and starting to make a living wage at this job. Scratchboard seems to be taking over as the primary style of choice, with cartooning a close second. Pastels are getting phased out, except for the rare assignment. Starting to work with a local midwest ‘Artist Agent’ (although the workload from the Agent will never occupy much more than 10% of my overall workload even at its highpoint). Picking up more national clients, including the Chronicle of Higher Education (who would be a steady client for the next two decades) and local client the Christian Reformed Church (who would be a big volume client off and on throughout my career).

Still working from a spare bedroom in our house, which is convenient, as my son is usually playing around my ankles while I work (he’d be around 2-3 years old this year). We got our first ‘color’ computer around this time, but it doesn’t really get used for much other than experimenting with and doing bills (and was probably the year we discovered ‘the Internet’ courtesy of one of those free “AOL” promo discs).

I did 418 illustrations this year, almost doubling last year’s output, with a grand total of 931 illustrations since I started in 1989.

Not much work has survived, like many of these early years, but a few projects here and there still haunt the flat files. Anyhow, these are what I consider the ‘best work’ of 1992:

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