2002 Year in Review

Year In Review

One of the busiest years that I’ve had since I started freelancing. It was this year that I began working for AG Edwards, doing illustrations for their quarterly investment newsletters and for other internal advertising promotions. This would be a nice 6 year gig before the company folded in 2008.

In extracurricular activities, I was involved with the local Little League in the spring, and continued taking cello lessons in my spare time, playing with a group of four other adult ‘students’ as a quartet.

I was resolving to ‘work smarter, not harder’ (advice given to me by an old employer), and I must have done something right, as I completed approximately 591 illustrations this year (about half the previous year’s output), but the sales figures were improving, bringing my grand total since I’ve started up to 9,145 illustrations.

These are what I consider to be my best illustrations of 2002:

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