2003 Year in Review

Year In Review

2003 was my biggest year so far in the illustration business. I was constantly busy all year long. My wife was able to leave work and come to work for me, acting as my office manager. The Wall Street Journal was growing into my number one client, and also began using me for a weekly column which lasted as a steady gig for about 8 years. I also did a fair amount of work for the CRC here in Grand Rapids, as well as a lot of steady work from AG Edwards, who I had picked up the previous year.

Despite the hectic schedule, I found time to coach Little League in the spring, and administer the League’s website. In the summer we took a sailing class in Muskegon, and later in the year chartered a sailboat in Traverse Bay for our first ‘solo family sail’.

I also started dabbling a little bit in music recording during the year, recording a christmas cd for family and friends (portions of which can be heard at my Last.fm site).

These are what I consider my best illustrations of 2003:

I completed approximately 560 illustrations this year, bringing the grand total since starting in 1989 up to 9,705.