2004 Year in Review

Year In Review

A good year by the numbers, but a rough one personally with a lot of ups and downs.

The year started promisingly, when we purchased a used sailboat in the spring (after getting the bug after our sailing lessons the year before and taking a charter up near Traverse City), and took it out for a few trips on Lake Michigan during the summer when we could make the time.
Halfway through the year, my father was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma, and I worked the second half of the year from a remote location in South Haven Michigan, taking care of my Father as he underwent chemo treatments.

This was the last year that I coached Little League baseball, and my son started high school in the Fall.

Despite everything, business was booming, and only took a slight dip in the second half as my ‘change of venue’ curtailed some of my ‘quick turnaround’ clients. At the same time, however, I picked up a few new clients, including Highlights for Children and Home Buyer Publications.

These illustrations are what I consider my best work of 2004:

Passed the 10,000 mark in the illustrations I’ve completed since starting this in 1989. A big volume year, as I did approximately 653 illustrations bringing the total up to 10,358.

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