2006 Year in Review

Year In Review

A fairly steady year, workwise. Working less but getting paid more on a piece by piece basis, which is nice from a ‘free time’ standpoint. I also started making inroads into the ‘international market’, with jobs from New Zealand, Germany, and most notably, another WSJ associated publication, The Far East Economic Review out of Hong Kong, who kept me very busy for the second half of the decade, before eventually folding.

A few more vacations than usual this year thanks to the increased free time, and the increasingly available wi-fi which allowed me to work more ‘on the road’. My son is in his Junior Year in High School and it’s nice to spend as much time with him as possible before he heads off on his own path after graduation. Sailed in the summer on Lake Michigan, and played a lot more Disc Golf, travelling to the Bahamas to play a mini-tournament with some of the pros in December (I came in dead last).

My wife and son start to become more involved in local community theater, both on stage and off. Burnt out on the music front, I take a year off from recording and songwriting.

Here’s what I consider the best work I did in 2006:

322 illustrations completed this year (up a little bit from last year) bringing the total since 1989 up to 10,974.

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