Have Cards Will Travel


On this inauguration day, my first thought was to do a parting jab at ‘you know who’, and my second thought was to commemorate the incoming administration, but as I’m working on paper dolls of those characters already, my final thought was that I would enjoy the sheer pleasure of not having to think about who’s holding the nuclear codes EACH AND EVERY HOUR OF EVERY WAKING DAY. So, with this in mind, I instead turned to a character we’ve been spending a lot of time with over the past few weeks. We picked up a DVD of the entire series of “Have Gun – Will Travel” with Richard Boone, and have been bingeing these old western tv shows. I regret not including him in my recent “Western Legends” coloring book, but took some time to do a caricature this morning. A refreshing western hero, who is not only good with a gun, but intelligent, moral and well read (and not even conventionally handsome).