Longest Month Ever


What with all this drama in Washington DC, these past few weeks have felt nearly as long as the preceding three months, and twice as stressful. I’ve been working on a paper doll book for Dover, and have been doing a bit more oil painting (more on this later), but mostly I’ve been obsessively checking the news and worrying about the future of our country. One more week and it will all be over (maybe?). Meanwhile, here’s a few doggies. Champ and Major, some uncontroversial future residents of the White House. (I really wanted to make them a squeaky toy in the shape of the ‘baby donald’ balloon, but the editors weren’t crazy about the idea…)

Coming up, I’ve gotten another “Who Was” project that I’m very excited about, plus I’m expecting the annual “Witches Companion” interiors in the near future, and I’ll be working on a few more interior illustrations for the Recipe Book Project over the upcoming weekend.