Portrait Sketch & Surplus Biden Portrait

Delaware Today, Uncle Goose Toys

Rough sketch for a Delaware Today portrait that came in over the weekend. I’ve got a bit of time on this one (not due until 2021), but other than a few other assignments, and some book projects ‘on hold’ until an unspecified time in the future, there’s not much else going on at the moment, so got the sketch done early.

A couple weeks back, I did a woodcut Biden portrait, in the style of a series of presidential portraits for a set of President Wooden Blocks that I had done for Uncle Goose Toys many years ago. (They have contacted me over the past two elections for ‘updates’ of both the incumbent and the challenger, “Just In Case”). Turns out the President Blocks have been discontinued due to poor sales, so my Biden portrait wasn’t necessary. But that’s ok, it will be put to work in my Zazzle store, like the rest of the presidents from this series. Surprisingly enough, I sell a fair amount of merchandise of even the most obscure presidents in the series. Who would’ve guessed?