2020 Halfway Point

Green Prints

And here we are, already at the halfway point for 2020. In that oh so familiar limbo of waiting on the go-ahead on several projects, which seems to be the default position this year. Did a few rough sketches for GreenPrints this week (one of which is pictured above). As I am actively in the process of revamping my website, designing new postcard mailings and trying to drum up new business, I requested a ‘testimonial’ from this client, since we’ve been in a working relationship for the past 8 years. I’ll be posting these quotes elsewhere in my portfolio section, as well as sharing them here. Here’s what Pat had to say:

“I have used Tim Foley as an illustrator for my magazine for over eight years. He has been 100% reliable, professional, and easy to work with. More important, I love his artwork. I’ve used Tim primarily to illustrate humorous stories, and it’s an absolute highlight of my day when his final art appears in my inbox, because it always – always – is so funny I laugh out loud. I am very, very grateful to Tim for making my readers and I happier.”

Pat Stone, Editor, GreenPrints, “The Weeder’s Digest”