Picking Up the Brushes Again


irelandpaintwebFor some reason, I found myself digging the oil paints out of mothballs (after a ten year hiatus) and have picked up a pile of new blank canvases and have started oil painting again. The one above is of the coast of Ireland from a trip we took there a few years ago, and below is one of a sunrise on St. Croix.

stcroixbeachwebI still haven’t quite figured out how to take decent photos of the art, to best capture the colors and eliminate the glare from lighting sources, but I’d say those two on top of are the ones I’ve been the most happy with so far. Below are several other paintings that I’m still working on, adding various tweaks every couple of days.



KathninetailswebWhatever the reason for my sudden interest in painting again, I’m grateful, as it has certainly been fun, and lifted my spirits tremendously in the past few weeks. Once the ‘big project’ shows up, I’ll probably end up putting all this on a back burner, but for now, we’re painting again…