Going Way Way Back


This past weekend, we visited my sister, and I attempted to take a photo of a piece of art that I had given her around 30 years ago, and which has been hanging in her house since then. A little background on this piece, I had drawn this large pastel (24 x 30) based on a tiny antique photograph that I had found in a long forgotten junk shop (the original photo has long since been misplaced), for an exhibition at the Grand Rapids Community College back in 1988. The college bought the original piece, but my sister had wanted the same piece, so I ended up doing another original, nearly identical to the first, sold that one to the college, and then gave my sister the original one (or the other way around, I’m not certain anymore). I believe the other version of this still hangs somewhere in the college (or may be in storage somewhere, I don’t know). I tried to get a decent photo of it for my records this past weekend, but the way it was framed, there was no easy way to take it out from behind the glass. I managed to snap a few photos with my phone, and did a little photoshop manipulation once I got home (still not the greatest representation, but it’ll do for now). This was the piece of art that started me on my career. My first ‘real sale’, and planted the seed in my head, that I might be able to make a living at drawing pictures.