Challenge Your Child Kindergarten

Instructional Fair

ChallengeK1One of two ‘Challenge Your Child’ workbooks that I would illustrate for Instructional Fair in the fourth quarter of 1999 (I would do two more in the early part of the following year). These were very labor intensive, with hundreds of spot illustrations each, puzzles, games and activities. I’ve shared a few sample illustrations in the past, but am now going back and posting each of the books in its entirety (writing this in 2018). So, for the first time since publication, here’s all the illustrations for “Challenge Your Child Kindergarten”:

ChallengeK8 ChallengeK6 ChallengeK2 ChallengeK10 ChallengeK3 ChallengeK9 ChallengeK5 ChallengeK4 ChallengeK7