February Cartoon Crop

Christian Home & School, Gemini Publications, Oxendine

The cartoon crop in Febrary wasn’t particularly bountiful (not counting the mountain of tiny spots mentioned in another post), but I did have some choice illustrations come out of the harvest. The illustration above was for a local regional city magazine, and, as simple as it was, it ended up being one of my favorite pieces of the year. I also particularly liked the ‘baby with brain balloon’ (left) that I did for the same client (but different publication).

The ‘will’ illustration below was another for the same client, as was the ‘educational wheelbarrow’ illustration below that. These weren’t bad, but not quite as simple and direct as the two concepts above.

The ‘pole vault’ illustration below was a medium sized spot for my southern college lifestyle magazine client this month. I also had a series of 15 small spots for the same client that can be seen in another posting this month.

And finally, I had a fun piece for a local christian parenting magazine, about children’s fantasy playtime. I chose to create a pirate ship out of cardboard boxes and odds and ends around the house, similar to the sort of fun and games I’d organize when I was a kid (there was nothing more fun than a big old cardboard box from a washing machine). If you look carefully, you can see a tiny version of one of my favorite illustrations by N.C. Wyeth in a book that one of the children is reading.