Atypical Oddball Experiments

America, Innovision, Newsday

Above is another ‘food’ illustration for my east coast newspaper client. This one was for a ‘leek soup’ recipe. I’ve been noticing that the tonal values on a lot of the illustrations in ’99 are a little on the light side (probably owing to my naivete and ignorance of screen brightness settings at the time), so I’ve taken a few of the files from this month and started to play with the values a bit before I post them here to try and improve them. I darkened the midtones a bit on this illustration above and it really helps, although the ‘whites’ seem to have gotten a bit grey. (next time I’ll have to pay attention to that and try and simultaneously lighten up the ‘highlights’)

The illustration above and the corresponding black and white spots below were for a west coast magazine client. I’ve been doing these cover/inside assignments for this particular client for several months at this point and would do many more over the course of the year, before budget cuts ended this magazine’s usage of illustration.

I also had a series of illustrations for a jesuit publication this month. This particular client had a rather small budget, but I tried to accomodate it by keeping the illustrations rather simple and quick. The budgets got a little bigger in later years, and I was able to do some much nicer work and devote a bit more time to each project. All these had something to do with catholic education in some form or another. I did them all in a combination of watercolors, pastels and colored pencils, all in greyscale.