Additional Cartoon Spots

ChronicleHE, Metro Detroit Parent, Newsday, Oxendine

One of the rare ‘food/recipe’ illustrations I did for my east coast newspaper client in the cartoon style (most of the rest were done in oil pastels). One of my favorite cartoons of the year.

I also had a rare cartoon assignment from my educational publication. Usually I work in scratchboard for this client. I don’t quite remember what these stories were about, but they sure look interesting. (two illustrations below)

I also had a series of small spot illustrations for my college lifestyle magazine client. The larger one above was for an article about ‘getting attention’ with regards to school elections, and the other three smaller spots to the left and below were on various topics for their ‘factoid’ department.

I also had a few larger spots (but reproduced smaller here), for my agent, for a michigan regional parenting magazine. These were both separated out for two color, something I rarely ever have to do anymore with improvements in printing technology.